Mission Beliefs

RCPS Vision

We build solid foundations for success in life.

RCPS Mission

Our mission at Rabun County Primary School is to cultivate responsible citizens by challenging learners to achieve high academic goals and  ethical standards in a disciplined, nurturing environment.    

 RCPS Belief Statements

·         At Rabun County Primary School, we believe that success occurs when all learners are provided with valued relationships            through:

·         A nurturing and inspiring school climate where positive behaviors and achievements are encouraged and celebrated.

·         A cooperative support system with mutual respect among students, parents, staff, and community.

·         An interactive and enriching learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem solving skills.

·         An atmosphere of high expectations where risk-taking is valued as a part of learning.

·         Differentiated experiences to meet every unique need.

·         Opportunities for identifying and achieving educational goals.

·         Guidance in becoming responsible, self-directed learners.