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Congratulations to Mrs. Robin Jones for being selected as Rabun County Primary School's 2019 Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Jones with some of her second graders.

Mrs. Jones with family and friends.

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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week: Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Monday: “Let’s go to the lake and go fishing!” We will ask students to think about fun things to do without drugs. Students can wear a hat so the “sun” doesn’t get in their eyes. They can also wear clothes they might wear if they went fishing.

Tuesday: Today we are headed to the beach. “Let’s shade out drugs.” Students can wear their sunglasses, flip flops (Cross, Coalley, Anderson, Gragg, Brown, Moore, Welborn, Wheeler, Watts and Jones please remind yours to bring sneakers for PE.), tee-shirts from the beach or other beach attire.

Wednesday: It’s Halloween! We are headed Trick –or –Treating! Some classes will be dressing for the holiday. Students will get a glow bracelet that says, “Say Boo to Drugs”.

Thursday: We are headed to a sporting event! Students are asked to wear their team jersey or Tee-shirt. 

Friday: “Let’s bring back the 60’s!” (Just kidding!) It is scheduled to be our 60th day of school so dress like the 60’s and “Leave drugs in the past!” 

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