A Little About Our School

The View from RCES


RCES- Where Heritage and Vision Coincide

       In 2002, the Rabun County Board of Education received a grant for the land that the current elementary school is located.  This grant was the first of its kind offered to a school system. This would consolidate Rabun Gap Community School with Clayton Elementary School into the new Rabun County Elementary School which opened its doors to students in 2006.  With the most breathtaking views in the state, faculty and students enjoy learning in and out of the classrooms.


     Currently, RCES houses 680 students in addition to a faculty and staff of 98 adults.  We are proud of our culturally diverse student body which benefits from 71% free and reduced meal programs.  All of our students enjoy a free breakfast each morning and our After-school program provides free dinners as well.

     RCES is home to the Foxfire Today magazine, the first digital publication endorsed by the Foxfire program.  A sister publication to the internationally famous Foxfire Magazine, the digital production is comprised of interviews transformed into first person articles by our 5th and 6th grade SWIS students.  

     The Rope Cats, RCES Chorus, and RCES Band perform and represent our school with enthusiasm.  Their demonstrations never disappoint and are among some of the best elementary performances in the state of Georgia.  All students within the school are involved in Fine Arts and fitness programs such as Art, Music, Technology, and Physical Education.  For these teachers, good is never enough.  They are constantly seeking ways to improve their programs and make school a fun place where kids want and love to be a part of.

     As the school houses some of the best behaved students in the nation, the culture is appealing.  The diverse classroom environments provide a safe haven for students to succeed, regardless of race, gender, or religious affiliation.  RCES is a facility that encourages inquisition and promotes a rigorous framework for academics.  Teachers focus on the growth and development of the whole child, supportive of curiosity while promoting academic ownership and independence.

     Not only is RCES a Title 1 Distinguished School, but it has also been recognized by the Georgia Department of Education as a HIGHEST-PERFORMING REWARD SCHOOL for 2017-18.  This award is given to the highest 5% of schools in Georgia based on the overall achievement of ALL students in terms of proficiency on statewide assessments that are part of the SEA's differentiated recognition, accountability, and support system.  Additionally, RCES has received the Platinum level of the Governor's SHAPE Honor Roll Award.  This recognition is given to schools for their dedication to creating a healthy school environment and a culture of wellness for students, staff, and community. The Platinum level is the highest achievement offered by the Governor.

     RCES is proud to be a part of the Wildcat nation- creating the foundation for successful student achievement as well as instilling the desire to excel in all areas of life.