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Wildcat Workshops 

Opportunities to learn how to help your student succeed in school!
Jan. 21 @ 7:15 am - All Pro Dads Breakfast

Jan. 23 @ 5:30 pm - Bullyproof




Parent Referral for Gifted Evaluation



Parents who wish to nominate students to be evaluated for eligibility in the program for gifted students in Rabun County Schools should request an application at their child's school. Deadline for referrals is January 31, 2020. In order to refer students, two forms as well as “above and beyond student work must be turned in. The two forms are the nomination referral form and the TABs form.



Teachers may be able to help supply the samples of student work. To qualify for the gifted program, students must meet standards in three or four areas: mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. Please return these forms to the school principal.



Referencia de los Padres por Evaluación Dotada



Padres que quieren nombrar a estudiantes ser evaluado por elegibilidad en el programa por estudiantes dotados en las escuelas del condado de Rabun deben rogar una aplicación a la escuela de su niño. Fecha límite para las referencias es el 31 de enero de 2020. Para referir a estudiantes, se debe darnos dos formas así como tarea mas mejor que la norma. Las dos formas son la forma del referencia del padre y la forma TABs.



Las maestras podrían ayudar en colleccionar ejemplos de la tarea de su estudiante. Para calificar por el programa dotado, un estudiante debe encontrar normas en tres o cuatro áreas: habilidad mental, realización, creatividad, y motivacn. Favor de volverles a estas formas a la directora de su escuela.

RCES teachers have prepared Snow Day work which can be electronically retrieved through the school website, social media accounts, and Google Classrooms (when available).  This work will be mandatory, should be completed at home, and will be graded by the students' teachers upon return to school.  The assignments should be completed beginning on the first day school is cancelled with additional assignments being completed each snow/ice day that follows (consecutive or not), up to 4 days.  In the event that students cannot access the assignment(s) due to loss of electricity or internet, students will have 5 days to complete the required work after returning to school.  Students will not be allowed to do the work during instructional time as the expectation is that this work is to be completed at home, before school hours, or after school hours in order to excuse the missed day.  Students who fail to turn in the work after the 5-day period will receive a O (zero) for each assignment missed along with an unexcused absence.  We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity to students rather than requiring the missed days to be made up at a later date.  


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We Are Hiring

ESS IS HIRING SUBSTITUTES for teachers and paraprofessionals for Rabun County Schools.  You'll enjoy an employee discount program, training, ongoing support, and competitive benefits!  Apply online at ESS.jobs or contact Taylor Jackson at TJackson@ESS.com or 706-424-7289.  Click on the image above to complete an online application.

Let us train you to be a substitute!
  • Weekly paychecks
  • $60 /day for Non-Certified substitutes
  • Health Benefits
  • Bonus opportunities
  • Flexible schedule


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