RCMS Software and Programs

Enchanted Learning
  • produces K-12 educational material that is published online
  • have 30,000 pages on the website covering a wide range of topics
USA Test Prep
  • designed to help high school and middle school students understand their state's required standards and prepare them for high-stakes, standardized tests
  • helps teachers and students prepare for Graduation Exams, Grade-Level Tests and End-of-Course Assessments
APEX Learning
  • used for credit recovery & in alternative school
  • engages students in coursework that prepares them for college and work
  • helps teachers effectively differentiate instruction
  • multimedia instruction motivates and engages students, provides multiple representations of concepts, and addresses different learning styles
  • allows students to combine text, images, videos and audio with the drag-­and-­drop Glogster tool, then instantly share the output with others
  • library of over 10,000 top-quality glogs from classrooms around the world
  • develops presentation skills, improves student engagement, increases digital literacy & creativity in cloud-based, paperless platform