Partners in Education

These groups have graciously provided many valuable benefits to our students and support Rabun County in providing the best for our children.

Benefits of Partnership

You will benefit when you form a partnership: 

  •  You will have the opportunity to directly affect the quality of your public schools and, ultimately your community. 
  •  You will be making an investment in tomorrow’s leaders, employees, and consumers. 
  •  You will enhance your own image within the community through your efforts to benefit students. 
  •  Your employees will have the opportunity to become involved in the community. 
  •  You will help students to understand the business world and to prepare themselves for careers. 
  •  You will build a positive public attitude toward the schools through your contributions of time and talent. 
  •  You will have the enjoyment of helping young people. 


  •  You will be helping students by becoming involved in activities that have a system-wide focus, such as special education and curriculum development. 
  •  You will have an opportunity to sponsor a newsletter, a seminar, or other project that may be a “one time” or an annual activity. 

What can you do with your partner? 

  • Serve as resource speakers. 
  • Tutor students to improve specific skills. 
  • Donate surplus materials, furniture, etc. 
  • Present awards for outstanding students. 
  • Provide tours of your place of business. 
  • Provide shadowing experiences. 
  • Speak on career possibilities and demands 
  • Advertise school events in your newsletter. 
  • Serve on an advisory committee. 
  • Display student achievement at your business. 
  • Recognize faculty achievement. 
  • Establish an extracurricular club. 
  • Assist with fund-raising events. 
  • Give books to the school library in honor of employees, students, etc. 
  • Judge school competitions (art, science, etc.) 
  • Provide internships or job placement. 
  • Support and assist with athletic programs. 
  • Provide transportation for field trips. 
  • Help with landscaping and playground improvement. 
  • Provide administrative assistance (data processing, etc.) 
  • Establish a scholarship fund. 
  • Assist in general improvement of the classroom or school environment (painting, decorating, etc.) 
  • Supply career or cultural exhibits for school use. 
  • Share hobbies.