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Sixth Grade Cross Country Athletes at

Tallulah Falls 


 Coach Anthony Lampros was extraordinarily proud of the young cross country athletes after the middle school posted its best results of the season, thanks to the help of 6th graders.  The Tallulah Falls Cookies n' Quotes Cross Country Festival was a fun event, and 15 of the 20 athletes finished with their best times of the season.  Colton Crane, with his best finish so far, finished 9th overall and was the second Wildcat to cross the finish line.  He was joined by 7th grade teammate G.B. Anderson in the Top 10.  The rest of the 6th grade boys also ran their best times:  Cannon Ramey  15:24. Eli Conner 19:50, Sean Flaherty 20:45, Emmit Watts 22:50, and Aiden Williams 23:09.

The girls team ran extremely well, too.  Hannah Beth Thompson finished strong with a time of 16:20, Lindsey Whitmire 17:26, Jaylinn Coley 18:02, Danielle Kilby 21:04, Lainey Morgan 21:32, and Madi Dobson 22:42.  

Hard work payed off, and these young Wildcats saw huge results!They listened to their coach and ran their hearts out.  Coach Lampros said that he could't be prouder of them!