Rabun County School System 

Dexter Mosely Act Procedures



Homeschooling students in grades 6-12 desiring to participate in Extracurricular/Interscholastic activities must complete each of the following steps:


  1. Parent/Guardian must complete the Dexter Mosely Act - Parent Request to Participate google form on the Rabun County Schools website to inform the school of the student’s intent to participate at least 30 calendar days prior to the start of the semester in which the student wishes to participate. It is the parent’s responsibility to meet the deadline in regards to enrollment. 

    1. Please note, according to the act, a student who withdraws from a public school to participate in a home study program shall be ineligible for participation in any extracurricular or interscholastic activity for 12 months from the date of the declaration of intent to utilize a home study program provided by the Department of Education. 

  2. Parent/Guardian can complete the Dexter Mosely Act - Parent Request to Participate google form here.

    1. Students that are currently enrolled and participating in extracurricular activities via the Dexter Mosely Act will skip steps 3 and 4. 

    2. This form will be automatically submitted to the Rabun County School System registrar and school district administration upon completion. 

  3. Parent/Guardian shall then fully enroll the student in Rabun County Schools. 

    1. Instructions for completing the registration process can be found at https://www.rabuncountyschools.org/registration

    2. Please note that proof of residency, among other items, must be submitted to fully enroll the student in Rabun County Schools.

  4. Upon completion of the registration process, the central office registrar will notify the appropriate Principal of the successfully completed enrollment.

    1. The student may not participate in extracurricular/interscholastic activities including tryout, practices, and/or pre-season conditioning until the registration process is complete and a line of enrollment has been established by the school. 

  5. The Principal will contact the parent/guardian to discuss scheduling the student in an appropriate face-to-face course based on the course requirement for the requested activity. The qualifying course and class time is determined by the school’s administrative team. Students participating in dual enrollment courses under the supervision of the school system are at the discretion of the school administration and are based on qualification criteria set by the course/program. 

  6. The parent/guardian will be notified of the start date and class time for the course by the school’s administrative team. 

    1. The school system reserves the right to identify the official start day of the qualifying course for the student. 

  7. Applicable forms that will need to be completed for sports participation are available on the school website. Completed sports forms are to be returned to the attending school’s Principal or Athletic Director for approval and processing.

    1. Rabun County Middle School: https://www.rabuncountyschools.org/our-schools/rabun-county-middle-school

    2. Rabun County High School: https://www.rabuncountyschools.org/our-schools/rabun-county-high-school 

  8. Participating students are not allowed to participate in other activities not associated with the sport they are participating in without written permission from the Principal.