District Board Posts


COVID update for January 2022

Out of an abundance of caution, all of the Rabun County Schools will be on Tier 2 during the remainder of January.  This increases our COVID prevention measures as we are seeing an increase in cases within our community.  

Changes have occurred in the required quarantines and contact tracing protocols by the Department of Public Health.  We have revised our practices and will work with each positive case individually to determine a return to school date. 

To prevent the spread of any illness do not send your student to school when he/she is sick.  A student must be fever free for a minimum of 24 hours without taking any fever-reducing medication during that 24 hour period before returning to school.  

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.   


Parent Referral for Gifted Evaluation



Parents who wish to nominate students to be evaluated for eligibility in the program for gifted students in Rabun County Schools should request an application at their child's school. Deadline for referrals is January 28, 2022. In order to refer students, two forms as well as “above and beyond student work must be turned in. The two forms are the nomination referral form and the TABs form.



Teachers may be able to help supply the samples of student work. To qualify for the gifted program, students must meet standards in three or four areas: mental ability, achievement, creativity, and motivation. Please return these forms to the school principal.



Referencia de los Padres por Evaluación Dotada



Padres que quieren nombrar a estudiantes ser evaluado por elegibilidad en el programa por estudiantes dotados en las escuelas del condado de Rabun deben rogar una aplicación a la escuela de su niño. Fecha límite para las referencias es el 28 de enero de 2022. Para referir a estudiantes, se debe darnos dos formas así como tarea mas mejor que la norma. Las dos formas son la forma del referencia del padre y la forma TABs.



Las maestras podrían ayudar en colleccionar ejemplos de la tarea de su estudiante. Para calificar por el programa dotado, un estudiante debe encontrar normas en tres o cuatro áreas: habilidad mental, realización, creatividad, y motivacn. Favor de volverles a estas formas a la directora de su escuela.


Coach Jaybo Shaw resigned from Rabun County Schools


Rabun County High School is grateful for the leadership Coach Jaybo Shaw has brought to our Athletic Department, our football program, and our student athletes over the past three years as our Head Football Coach and Athletic Director. His leadership and the pursuit of excellence he inspired in our student athletes on the field and in the classroom embodied the vision for Rabun County High School. We wish him the best of luck as he and his family transition to this new opportunity at Wayne County High School. 


Head Football Coach Search 


The search for our next Head Football coach will start immediately.  We will work tirelessly to recruit a new head coach with the character, integrity, and passion for building a championship caliber program that our student athletes deserve and our community expects. 


Our goals and expectations for the Rabun County High School Athletic Program have not and will not change. We will work with relentless effort to achieve excellence in every area in which we compete. That starts with winning Region Championships and ends with consistently competing for and winning State Titles. 


Interim Athletic Director 


For the remainder of the 2021-22 school year, Mr. Spillers will assume Athletic Director responsibilities and work closely with our Assistant Athletic Director, Jason Gibson, to ensure our winter and spring athletic programs receive the support they need to compete for Region and State Titles. 


New Region Reclassification from GHSA


The proposed classification and region realignment came as a surprise to us all, but our coaches and student athletes are ready to go out and compete. The change from AA to A does not change our mindset or the expectations we have. Regardless of the classification, our kids are ready to go out, compete, and represent their school with Wildcat Pride.


Dear Parents,


As we are preparing for the 21-22 school year and updating our COVID-19 prevention practices, I would like to share updates with you.

As COVID-19 continues to evolve, so does the guidance and mandates.  Our goal is to provide the best education possible with the safety of our staff and students in mind.  Our plan gives us the flexibility to provide a more “normal” experience, while maintaining enhanced safety practices and the flexibility to move to a more restrictive environment as conditions require.  As of today, our plan includes: 


We need your help keeping quarantines to a minimum!  Please do not send your child to school if they are sick.  If your child is awaiting results of a COVID-19 test, they should not return to campus until you receive a negative result or the isolation period has passed after receiving a positive result. 


We look forward to seeing all students back on campus August 11th (August 16 for pre-k). Enjoy the remainder of your summer!  Go Cats!