RCHS Software and Programs

Adobe Premium CS6 Design & Web Premium

*pre-installed on computers  
  • focus is on curriculum and reference materials, as well as professional development for librarians in secondary education, higher education, and public libraries
  • offers four well-respected imprints that provide high-quality, authoritative online resources, books, eBooks, and magazines on topics spanning the social sciences, humanities, and professional librarianship
  • publishing programs in American and world history and government, military history, popular culture, multiculturalism and diversity, religion and mythology, contemporary issues,  heath and wellness, business, and psychology
USA Test Prep
  • designed to help high school and middle school students understand their state's required standards and prepare them for high-stakes, standardized tests
  • helps teachers and students prepare for Graduation Exams, Grade-Level Tests and End-of-Course Assessments
Grad Point
  • used for credit recovery, enrichment, & in alternative school
  • engages students in coursework that prepares them for college and work
  • helps teachers effectively differentiate instruction
  • multimedia instruction motivates and engages students, provides multiple representations of concepts, and addresses different learning styles


  • research portal to fourteen databases that offer a blend of citations, abstracts, and full-text articles
  • covers over 2700 periodicals; over 1300 with full text
  • Applied Science and Technology Full Text Biological & Agricultural Index Plus
    Book Review Digest Plus Book Review Digest Retrospective
    Education Index Retrospective Essay and General Literature
    Humanities & Social Sciences Retrospective General Science Full Text
    Humanities Full Text Index to Legal Periodicals and Books
    Readers Guide Full Text Readers' Guide Retrospective
    Short Story Index Social Sciences Full Text
    Library Literature & Information Science Full Text  
  • helps coaches and athletes prepare smarter and faster by connecting teams around the information they need to win
  • makes all of the video, play diagrams, and coaching presentations securely available to the entire team over the Internet
Kuta Math
  • creates multiple-choice and free-response questions for comprehensive tests
  • prints professional-looking assignments
  • differentiates math instruction, improve materials, adapt to individual classes
  • never runs out of questions because it doesn't use a question bank;
    questions are created on the fly