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Make Up Day Announcement

posted Jan 23, 2018, 12:15 PM by Jason Hogan

Unfortunately, because of the recent weather situations, we find ourselves in a position where we must address the topic of makeup days. This year our students have lost 12 days of instruction.  Teachers/staff have been out of school 7 days.  Students have made up 4 of the 12 days and teachers/staff have made up 3 of the 7.  

Some of the days out were considered State of Emergency Days which the Governor leaves up to the local system as to whether they must be made up or not.  Also, because we are a Strategic Waiver School System, we have some flexibility to alter our school calendar.  However, we must remember that we have a duty to our students.  Their student achievement will be measured by their performance on the EOC/EOG with a set curriculum responsibility for us to cover.  Teacher evaluations are also tied to student achievement on these State mandated assessments and PSC certification is tied to teacher evaluations.  Our flexibility contract with the State is tied to these student achievement measures as well.  We continue to be at the top of our RESA (and the State) in most all categories related to student achievement and accountability.  We perform well because we value the time we provide for our students to receive direct instruction from the best educators in this State.  We keep the main thing the main thing.

We will alter our school calendar to use February 19th and 20th as makeup days.  The 19th was designated on the school calendar as a possible bad weather makeup day with the 20th as an In-service day.  We will have students back in on both of these days.  That will put our students making up 6 of the 12 days on lost instruction.  Teachers will need to work an additional 2 days in addition to these February changes.  We will make up the additional teacher days by working May 28th and May 31st.