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Gifted Program

Joi Woods, Gifted Coordinator
(706) 212-4350

The Rabun County Public Schools gifted education program serves students in grades K -12 by providing academic challenges for those who are intellectually advanced. Any responsible person who has knowledge of a student’s intellectual abilities may refer a student to the local school’s gifted referral committee. The classes offer advanced levels and enriched academic curriculum experiences that focus on and extend the Georgia Performance Standards.  Students are identified and placed in gifted education based on criteria established by the Georgia General Assembly and the Georgia State Board of Education. Students who transfer from gifted education programs within the state of Georgia have reciprocity into the Rabun program providing the original placement was correctly completed. Students who transfer from out-of-state must meet Georgia requirements. Parents should notify the school when registering their child that he/she was identified as a gifted education student in their previous school.

February is Gifted Referral Month for Rabun County Schools.  Eligibility for the gifted program is based on State Board of Education Rule 160-4-2-38.  This rule along with the gifted referral forms may be viewed below.  

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 State Board of Education Rule 160-4-2-38

2017-2018 Parent Referral for Gifted Evaluation

Parents who wish to nominate students to be evaluated for eligibility in the program for gifted students in Rabun County Schools should request an application at their child’s school.   In order to refer students, two forms as well as “above and beyond” student work must be turned in.  The two forms are the parent referral form and the TABS form. The forms must be filled out completely and returned to the school by January 31, 2018.

Teachers may be able to help supply the samples of student work.  To qualify for the gifted program, students must meet standards in three out of four areas:  mental ability, achievement, creativity and motivation.

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